Headliner Highland Laptop Stand

by Headliner

Headliner HL20001 Overview

The Headliner Highland Laptop Stand is a sturdy and versatile laptop stand with three mounting options well suited for DJs, lighting designers, and electronic musicians. The flat leg attachments are ideal for use on any desktop or countertop and provide enough clearance to slide under mixers or turntables. The heavy-duty mounting brackets can be used horizontally or vertically, such as mounting to a desktop or road case up to 1.75" thick.

The Headliner Laptop Stand will also support outboard gear such as samplers, drum machines, effects processors, lighting consoles, small MIDI keyboards, and more. With all its diversity, the stand is ideal for use in the studio or at gigs as well as at home or at the office.

  • Sturdy and versatile laptop stand with 3 different mounting options
  • Mount on road cases, tables up to 1.75” thick, or use stand-alone
  • Includes flat leg attachments and heavy duty mounting brackets
  • Four height adjustments from 9.5 to 14.5”
  • Three width adjustments from 9 to 12”
  • Fits laptops sizes up to 17”
  • Anti-slip rubber pads on arms and underneath legs

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