Headliner HD3 3.5" Multimedia Reference Speakers (Pair)

by Headliner

Headliner HD3 Overview

Listen to music, podcasts, movies, or the content you create in style with these Headliner HD3 3.5" Multimedia Reference Monitors. With custom-fitted woofers and a silk-dome tweetrer, the monitors offer a warm, smooth, and natural sound, with a punchy transient response and crisp stereo imaging. Connects are on hand for consumer and pro-level devices. Use the balanced 1/4" TRS inputs for your audio interface, or the unbalanced RCA jacks for receivers. If you want to play music straight from your laptop, phone, or media player with a mini headphone jack, you'll appreciate the inclusion of a 3.5mm TRS to RCA cable.

Great for recording musicians, content creators, DJ's, producers, audio engineers, and music enthusiasts
Hear all the details with a smooth and even frequency response, thanks to a custom-fitted 3.5" woofer and a 0.75" silk-domed tweeter
Balanced TRS stereo and unbalanced RCA stereo inputs to connect a wide range of audio gear
Includes 3.5mm mini-jack to RCA cable to connect any computer, phone, or other device with a headphone output
Includes sound isolating foam feet to acoustically isolate the monitors from your desktop to improve clarity and reduce vibration
Convenient volume control on front panel for quick access
Rear bass port for superior low-end response
Built-in protections include RF interference, output current limiting, over-temperature, on/off transient, and subsonic filter
Soft-start to avoid unwanted pops when powering on
Handmade MDF cabinet for superior acoustics compared to plastic designs

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