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Glowtronics Non-Glow 7inch / 45 Record Slipmats - Black Out

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Glowtronics Non-Glow Numark V7 NS7 Slipmats (Black Out) Are you still using plastic or wax paper to control your scratches and mixes? The Glowtronics Numark V7, NS7 NS7FX Slipmats bottom side has a unique glazed coating specifically formulated to reduce friction between the player and slipmat. This allows for slick precision when controlling your mixes and scratches. Glowtronics Numark V7, NS7 NS7FX Slipmats are also the perfect accessory for customizing your Numark V7, NS7 NS7FX players. No need to worry about design dye transferring on to your player, the design is digitally dyed, locking the artwork inside the slipmat fiber. These mats have been DJ tested for the perfect thickness and stiffness.