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DJ Muzzell Reality Breaks (12") - Black

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Reality Breaks - Muzzell (12")

TTW021 - Turntable Training Wax

Limited edition BLACK 12 inch vinyl.

Following on from the acclaimed, and still highly sought after Donkey Work trilogy, DJ Muzzell brings you another ram packed DJ tool that covers all your turntablist needs.

A Side contains hundreds of layered breaks and hits at different tempos and time signatures designed for scratch drumming, sticker looping, routines, juggling and whatever else your clever minds can come up with. There's a large section of long gritty bass notes, double bass hits and synth pads for all you loop pedal magicians. Lastly there's a couple of classic nonskip ultra pitch sections, a scratch sentence containing all samples (and a couple extra) from side B then finishing up with a thick evolving lock groove bass drone.

B Side contains 12 non-skip scratch sentences using classic and new samples, some having been layered up for more "oomph" and resulting in a wider frequency range. This side could be used at regular or ultra pitch speeds. Match the records rotation to the beat or get creative and try scratching them at different revolving time signatures.