ProX - DJ Coffin Case for 10" or 12" Mixer and 2x 1200 style Turntables

by ProX

The XS-TMC1012WLTFSTND is the perfect companion for the state-of-the-art turntablist/mobile DJ. Built with top grade heavy-duty materials, the XS-TMC1012WLTFSTND gives you maximum durability, dependability and security for your turntables and mixer all in one coffin case.

This large format turntable and mixer combo coffin case is constructed with Signature Series Gig-Ready 3/8" Plywood to protect your investment at all times. For added protection this item is equipped with steel heavy duty ball corners to withstand the rigorous travel that a pro DJ demands. Silver construction and a modern stage honeycomb wood design will turn heads and keep with the decor of any venue.

The XS-TMC1012WLTFSTND with sliding full case length laptop shelf is constructed with our rugged signature plywood, durable rubber wheels, reinforced steel ball corners, as well as recessed steel padded handles and latches. There is additional space for cables and small accessories in the back and underneath the unit for convenience, as well as a removable front panel for you to access front input jacks easily. The front removable panel allows for easy access to the front controls and headphone/mic jacks.ÌâåÊ The Sliding Laptop Shelf and adjustable foam inserts make everything accessible, secure and convenient.

This ProX "Honeycomb Digital" flight case is made with the super-sleek look of hexagon grids on all shell surfaces, and it gives this case an almost alien look!

For the safety of your equipment, do not attempt to transport with any gear stored on the sliding shelf and be aware that the shelf can be removed when slid out to its furthest point.

* ProX Goes Green: The durable hard rubber foams used in our cases contain 70% recycled content. Of that 70%, 80% of it comes from recycled plastic bottles and the remaining 20% from recycled post-industrial material. At ProX we strive to make the world a better place!

ÌâåÊThe XS-TMC1012WLTFSTND has it all!ÌâåÊ You will definitely be satisfied with this top of the line product from the signature series line of products from ProX Cases.


* ATA-300 Style Gig Ready Flight Road Case
* Easy locking fit and tongue
* High-density foam interior support & casing
* Spring action recessed handles
* Recessed spring action Handles per Side
* Heavy and powerful steel ball corners
* Dual anchor rivets
* Signature Series Laminated 3/8" plywood
* Honeycomb exterior design
* Industrial Recessed butterfly twist lock latches that can be padlocked
* Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
* ProX Limited Lifetime Warranty


To Fit

(2) 1200 style Turntables in Standard Mode

Some popular 10" and 12" Mixers:
10" Mixers:ÌâåÊÌâåÊ
Rane TTM-56S, TTM57SL,
Numark M1USB, M2, M3, X5, X6, X9
Stanton M.203, M.20, SMX.202
Pioneer DJM-350, DJM-400, DJM-909
Vestax PMC280
Behringer VMX300, VMX300USB
Gemini PS424X, PS626X

12" Mixers (12 3/4"):
Pioneer: DJM900nexus, DJM-800, DJM-700, DJM-600
Behringer: DDM-4000, DDM4000, DJX-750, DJX-700, DX626
Denon:ÌâåÊ DN-X1500, DN-X1600
American Audio: MX-1400
Allen & Heath:ÌâåÊ Xone:42
Numark:ÌâåÊ M6 USB, X6
Rane:ÌâåÊ TTM-56, TTM-56S, TTM-57SL
Stanton:ÌâåÊ SMX.202

8.00"L x 56.00"W x 20.00"H
Weight: 50.00 lbs

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