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Crosley Mini Cruiser 3 Inch Turntable - White Sand

by Crosley
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Crosley Mini Cruiser Turntable - White Sand

We went all Honey, I Shrunk the Kids on our most popular turntable, the Crosley Cruiser, and possibly created the Cutest. Record Player. Ever. Cleverly, we named this micro machine the Crosley Mini Cruiser, but don’t let its size fool you! This is not a toy and has the same features and tech as its big sister: adjustable pitch control, built-in stereo speakers and an aux out (headphones) port with RCA adapter allowing you to easily plug this into your current music setup. The Mini Cruiser also has a humble Bluetooth transmitter that connects to any Bluetooth speakers so you can play your 3” record collection wirelessly. It’s like minuscule magic! Take this teeny turntable anywhere thanks to the suitcase design with carry handle and the fact that you can power this petite platter with a micro USB or 4 AA batteries. Just a little reminder: this adorable apparatus only plays 3” records and will not play your full-size records or 7” records

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