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ColorKey Mover Halo Beam Quad 4 MKII

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ColorKey Halo Beam Quad MK II Overview

Suitable for mounting on a floor or on a truss, the Colorkey Mover Halo Beam Quad 4 MKII is ideal for lighting dancefloors, stages, and venues where exciting light effects are desired. The main light features a 40W RGBW LED light source with an 8° beam. The main light can change color from red, to blue, to green, to white (in any order), and it is surrounded by 12 smaller RGB LEDs that create a halo effect around the fixture. This allows you to create a dynamic visual effect using not only the light's projected beam but also with the light fixture itself. The light can pan through 540°—more than a full circle—and tilts 270°. DMX control allows you to adjust the position of the light fixture, as well as adjust the brightness. Supporting 16 or 30 channels of DMX (depending on the selected mode), the 3-pin XLR input and output connectors allow you to integrate the fixture into your DMX system. The light can be operated in a variety of modes including DMX512, Master Slave, Sound Activated, as well as Standalone.

Create exciting visual effects and moves
Control the fixture locally or via DMX
You can set the fixture to be sound activated and move in rhythm to the beat of the music, which is especially effective when using more than one fixture
The fixture can sit on the floor, or it can be mounted on a truss (requires optional clamp)