Capital Punishment-This Is Capital Punishment (Black Friday Exclusive 2018)-12" Vinyl

by Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records

Label - Captured Tracks

Actor Ben Stiller, high school band reunites with new material. Four new tracks and a remake of their song, Confusion. Limited edition translucent blue vinyl for Record Store Day (Black Friday). Hot on the heels of Captured Tracks reissue of Capital Punishment 1982 album Roadkill, the quartet of Kriss Roebling, Ben Stiller, Peter Zusi, and Peter Swann returns with This Is Captial Punishment an EP of new material recorded almost 35 years after the group disbanded. When asked for bonus material for the Roadkill reissue, the original members got back together and did a remake of their track, Confusion. A blistering, motorik take on the original, the new version reimagines Confusion as a much louder and sinister track. It was so loved by the label and the band had so much fun recording it that they decided to record new material.

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