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Canned Heat - Record Store Day Party With Canned Heat [LP] (Translucent Blue Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)

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It's Party Time!!! ''Record Store Day Party With Canned Heat'' a smokin' overview culled from their massive archives focusing on party and fun blues offerings like their rockin' Louis Jordan opener ''Saturday Night Fish Fry'', the boogie belter ''No Mo Do Yakamo'' featuring Bob ''The Bear'' Hite and an incredible live workout on Robert Johnson's ''Sweet Home Chicago,'' featuring Larry Taylor on vocals and Ronnie Barron on keyboards. Canned Heat's ''Record Store Day Party'' continues with more blues and boogie favorites including ''I Love To Rock And Roll'' from their groundbreaking back to the roots ''Reheated'' album, ''The House Of Blue Lights'' from ''The Boogie House Tapes'' and a very rare Alan Wilson/Canned Heat acoustic recording of ''Sloppy Drunk'' The joint rolls on with two more solid senders from their rare 1974 Miami sessions with the Jay Liggins classic ''Drunk'' and the rock and roll beat of ''I Hear You Knocking.'' Your party never ends as Canned Heat knocks it out of the box with a superlative live jam on ''I Don't Know Where She Went'' and closes it all out with a real burner called ''Reefer Blues.'' Friday Music and Canned Heat are pleased to present another exciting installment in our Canned Heat / Friday Music Series with this one of a kind official collection ''Record Store Day Party With Canned Heat.'' This very first time vinyl collection will be pressed for a very limited time on striking translucent blue vinyl. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Canned Heat) with Canned Heat's Fito de la Parra from the official Canned Heat Music archives, you will forever shake, rattle and rock to first time on vinyl Canned Heat favorites, rare studio sessions, and stellar concert performances. As Bob Hite says ''Don't Forget To Boogie.'' MARKETING POINTS: * THE CANNED HEAT - FRIDAY MUSIC SERIES CONTINUES * CELEBRATE RECORD STORE DAY 2020 WITH THE KINGS OF THE BOOGIE! * FIRST TIME EVER VINYL RELEASE CONSISTING OF RARE & HISTORIC TRACKS FROM THE AUTHORIZED CANNED HEAT MUSIC ARCHIVES. * SUPER LIMITED EDITION TRANSLUCENT BLUE VINYL * PRODUCED BY CANNED HEAT'S FITO de la PARRA * MASTERED BY JOE REAGOSO (CANNED HEAT) * FEATURING: ADOLFO de la PARRA, BOB HITE, ALAN WILSON, HENRY VESTINE, LARRY TAYLOR, J.T.THORNBURY, RONNIE BARRON, JAY SPELL & HOLLYWOOD FATS!!! * CANNED HEAT ON TOUR 2020 Side A 1-Looking For A Party 2-Reefer Blues 3-Drunk 4-Harry's Open Pit & Barbeque 5-Bullfrog Blues Side B 1-Boogie Music 2-I Hear You Knocking 3-Saturday Night Fish Fry 4- No Mo Do Yakamo 5-House of Blue Lights 6-Sloppy Drunk