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Burnette,Dorsey - Hard Working Man - 1960-1964 (Iex) - Vinyl LP = RSD2023

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From the makers of 'Hillbillies In Hell'... Full Throated, Big Chested Country, Hollyweird Pop and Velveteen Popcorn for the working stiffs. Best known as one of the original Godfathers of '50s Rockabilly, Dorsey Burnette had a fascinating 1960s solo pivot to epic, widescreen vistas of Existential Incarcerations, Serpentine Te+K48mptations, Cold War Escapees, Luciferian Combats, Eco-Armageddons and Creationist Heavens.
Blessed with a bold set of tonsils and a song-writing genius, Burnette is largely forgotten today but his hits (and misses) offer a brash landscape of Spiritual-Crooner Belters and Hillbilly Backwoods Swelters.
Lusty, loud and proud, this set examines unheard and underrated sides cut for various mid-'60s labels as Burnette sought a home for his unique Hillbilly Popcorn Pop. Antediluvian Survivalism and Biblical Environmentalism, Ancient Traditionalism and Passionate Hedonism. The best of Dorsey Burnette's 1960s sides stand alone as Wry Depression-Era Fables, Swinging Tower of Babel Ballads, Devilish Tribulations and Forceful Masculine Declarations. Eons in the making - 'Hard Working Man' captures and chronicles the stellar output of a prodigious wordsmith and eccentric, arcane thinker. Fundamental Questions and Timeless Revelations, Dorsey Burnette channelled Eternal Wisdom through Blood, Sweat and Big Beat Ballads.Many of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your primal listening pleasure. *Limited Edition Deluxe Gatefold LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia! *Full dynamic range 2023 remasters direct from the first generation analogue master tapes! *Limited Edition 500 LPs - 250 'Sugar Mountain' Gold LPs! / 250 'Restless Rollin' Black LPs! (randomly inserted)