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Boss VE-20 Vocal Effects Processor

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The VE-20 from BOSS is an effects pedal for vocalists that provides harmonies, pitch correction, layering, traditional effects like chorus, reverb and delay, as well as unusual sounds like strobe and robot voice. The pedal is designed to be easy to use whether you're on stage, in rehearsal, or in the studio. The VE-20 a powerful tool for varying the tone and quality of your voice, and for discovering creative new means of expression.

A phrase looper with up to 38 seconds of recording time is built into the VE-20, which enables you to create multi-layered loops of your voice in real time. It runs on 6 standard AA batteries (included), or on an optional PSA-series power adapter. Your microphone plugs into its combo XLR and 1/4" TRS input (which can provide phantom power to condenser microphones). There are two XLR outputs that enable stereo operation.

The Essential Stompbox for Vocalists

Features high-quality effects for vocalists such as reverb, delay, dynamics, chorus, and more


Add harmonies to your vocals instantly as you sing. Select the harmony interval of your choice, or create multi-part stacks, such as upper third and lower fifth, and save them for instant recall. Create 3-part harmonies and layers. You can also thicken your vocals with Double Track

Phrase Loop

Sing, record, loop, and overdub with the on-board Phrase Looper. You get 38 seconds of recording time to loop and layer phrases, and you can do it all in real time onstage

Special FX

Includes a colorful and expressive collection of special effects, including Electric (made famous by artists such as Cher and Black-Eyed Peas), Robot, Strobe (rotary), Distortion, Chorus, and Reverb

Road-Tough Design

Features solid-metal construction, built to withstand years of wear and tear

Stay On-Pitch

Real time pitch-correction tools

Phantom Power

Phantom power for condenser microphones

AC or Batteries

Runs on six included AA batteries or AC adapter (PSA-Series)