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Bellari SE560 Sonic Exciter and Preamp for Turntables

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The Rolls Bellari SE560 is a sonic enhancer for turntables, though it also functions as a preamp thanks to its ability to provide 19.1 dB of gain. It sports RCA inputs for phonographs, as well as a single stereo 3.5mm input for phones, tablets, and compatible media players.

The sonic enhancement is provided by means of two knobs, both of which offer tonal shaping. The Bottom knob controls frequency enhancement over the lower frequencies, while the Definition knob brings out elements in the upper registers. You can switch this circuit in and out with the Active switch.

Use this unit as a sonic improvement in your turntable, looping the device in between your phono pre and preamp/power amp. Alternatively, try streaming audio from laptops, phones, and tablets through the SE560 to add a bit of luster back to lossy audio formats. Switch the circuit out, and the unit can function as a standalone preamp.

A 15 VDC power supply is provided with the SE560. This unit is manufactured in the United States of America.


  • Sonic Enhancer for Turntables
  • Sonic Enhancer for Phones & Tablets
  • Bottom Knob Emphasizes Low Frequencies
  • Definition Knob Emphasizes Trebles
  • Process Switchable with Active Switch
  • Can Function as Standalone Preamp
  • 19.1 dB of Gain
  • RCA & 3.5mm Inputs
  • 15 VDC Power Supply Included
  • Built in the USA