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Audio Innovate InnoFader DJM-909/707 CROSSFADER

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Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 is a version of the Innofader that is specifically made to work in the Pioneer DJM-909 and DJM-707. With an 8mm stem, sturdy, long body construction, and without a crossfader brush to wear out, the Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 is designed to last over 4 million cycles of use-with zero maintenance.

The Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 uses variable capacitor technology which, unlike current optical technology, makes it 100% resistant to smoke, dust, and moisture that plague most DJ working environments. In addition, currently used magnetic crossfaders only work in the same brand mixers, leaving DJs limited options for upgrading your mixer crossfaders . The Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 is designed to work with mixers from a variety of manufacturers.

The Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 was specifically designed to completely change the way you feel about your crossfader. Having studied the habits and requirements of today’s DJs, the innoFADER offers unparalleled levels of quality and adjustability that you just don’t find in other crossfaders.

So thanks to the Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909, you’ll no longer need to be less than satisfied with the stock crossfader in your mixer. Buy the Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 today and change your DJ life forever.

Wouldn’t you rather have a crossfader that you just plug in and forget about? It sucks to have to keep taking it out every few months to clean it, just so it continues to work? Such is the weakness of traditional crossfaders-contact technology that will eventually break.

The Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 has been built from the ground up to utilize a new form of non-contact technology-capacitance. For you, this means installing and forgetting about it, rather than constantmaintenance.

That’s not all-the Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 has a whole arsenal of adjustments as well as an almost universal plug and play architecture, making it the most user friendly crossfader in the DJ scene.

One of the biggest technological hurdles facing crossfaders is contact. On a traditional VCA crossfader , your crossfader body runs along rails, but one side has to physically be in contact with carbon strips. This contact causes resistance to the touch as well as longer term wear, which in turn requires regular cleaning. The Audio Innovate innoFADER however uses a unique capacitance based technology. The crossfader body glides on rails between 2 circuit boards which track the location and feed it back to the mixer digitally.

No contact means no bleed, which is when audio comes through even if your crossfader is closed-a classic problem for traditional VCA crossfaders . This is caused by the grime from worn Carbon crossfader tracks as well as the gradual build up of daily DJ dirt interfering with your crossfader action. The Audio Innovate innoFADER has no Carbon tracks to wear down or that can be effected by dirt which gives you 3 distinct benefits:

The life of the Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 is vastly increased compared to conventional VCA technology
Instead of very regular cleaning, only routine maintenance is needed to keep the rails running smoothly.
A reduction in friction, leading to a smoother crossfader action.

So owning an Audio Innovate Innofader DJM-909 means no more crossfader brush cleaning, prolonged crossfader life and near guaranteed bleed-free smoother performance.

The success of a mixer is largely down to the feel of your crossfader. It’s a highly personal experience that is often ignored with stock crossfaders . You need to make it your own and feel that your crossfader won’t break in your hands.

The Audio Innovate innoFADER comes complete with a solid steel 8mm crossfader stem, designed to withstand even that hardest battering from a heavy handed scratch DJ. But thanks to specially designed polished Steel rails, the innoFADER runs as smooth as butter, responding to even the lightest touch.

But that’s not all-if you prefer a little more resistance from your crossfader , the innoFADER has a special tension adjust control. It’s also been designed so that the tension adjust screw stays in place-no working its way free inside your crossfader .

Understanding that a mixer will live or die simply by the feel of your crossfader , we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that the innoFADER offers the best possible feel for the broadest range of DJs and styles.

DJs have a tendency to be less than gentle with your crossfaders . The traditional 4mm stem isn’t that strong, which is why we use an an 8mm Steel stem. Not only does this give the greatest possible strength to weight ratio, but also adds a few extra grams to the feel-often so important for many DJs.

The rails are equally important to the feel of your crossfader . They’re made from the finest Stainless Steel, machined and polished to the highest tolerances, and importantly humidity tested to ensure that they remain clean and smooth, not matter what conditions you work in.

For the ultimate in adjustability, the innoFADER comes complete with tension control. Essentially, this is a shaped washer mechanism, acting against the top rail and adjusted with a small screw. With one turn of the supplied adjustment tool, you can adjust the feel of the innoFADER from ultra loose (for the turntablists) right up to pitch crossfader style firm (for the mix DJs). Importantly, the tension mechanism was specifically designed so that the screw doesn’t get dislodged with constant crossfader movement.

Finally, to eliminate the much despised “clicky” noise often experienced with other crossfaders , the innoFADER has Silicone rubber stoppers at the end of the rails.

We all like to do things in the own special way don’t we? But when you”re trying to fit a different crossfader inside your mixer, the likelihood is that it”ll be a less than straightforward process.

Right out of the box the innoFADER should fit into your mixer. But not all mixers are created equally, and the chances are you”ll need to break out wire cutters and a soldering iron to fit your new crossfader .

Unless you have an expensive scratch DJ mixer, the odds are that you”re left with little in the way of crossfader curve control. But here at Audio Innovate, we feel that every DJ should have as many controls as possible to tweak.

Curve control is common across a broad range of mixers, but is often not as good as it could be. Far less common is lag adjust, and is often manually modded by you . The Audio Innovate innoFADER however gives you control over both-directly from your crossfader itself.

So with the innoFADER, you can now have professional level adjustments, even on the oldest or cheapest VCA based mixers that may not have had any adjustments at all.

Just drop an innoFADER inside and you”re playing in the big leagues.

The key points of the InnoFader are as follows:

No bleed/cracking
Even the best conductive plastic (CP) or carbonized conductive plastic (CCP) contact crossfaders will eventually bleed and require cleaning. Since the InnoFader is non-contact, no cleaning is required.

Sturdy design-8mm stem, long body type
Many DJs have experienced issues with bent or broken 4mm crossfader stems, thus the InnoFader adopts the emerging standard 8mm stem, ensuring almost no chance of breaking the stem. The long body type ensure a rigid construction which when combined with the heavy stem ensures a solid and long lasting crossfader.

No calibration required
The InnoFader is designed to automatically compensate for circuit tolerances to the point that no calibration is required to adjust for the <0.5mm tolerance on crossfader cut-in position.

Standard VCA output
Many manufacturers design your crossfaders to work with custom outputs, and interfaces that make plug and play with 3rd party crossfaders almost impossible. The InnoFader will work as a drop in replacement for analog crossfaders . Why?

1. The pinout is a 4 pin industry standard +Vin, VCA out #1, VCA out #2, and ground. 2. The VCA out signals are from 50k digital potentiometers with 256 taps, and the output can short to Vcc or ground for a full on/off signal. 3. The entire crossfader power draw can be as low as 0.5mA so that circuits designed for low power 50k crossfader connections will work.

Ultra wide range tension adjustment
At the lightest setting, the InnoFader can move with the slightest tap. On the other extreme, the InnoFader requires a steady push to move it. DJs can adjust the InnoFader to any tension setting depending on mixing style.

Adjustable curve
Analog VCA crossfaders have fixed A, B, or D-type curves. The InnoFader has an output curve adjustment to fit any of these configurations. In addition to fitting these configurations, the InnoFader can be set for full cutting at the top or bottom.

Single cut-in adjustment for both sides
This ensures that the InnoFader can work in any sized crossfader slot. Since the adjustment is electronic, the actual active crossfader area can be shortened, unlike others which have a fixed active crossfader area. This often requires adjusting the mixer to fit your crossfader , while the InnoFader can be electronically adjusted to fit the mixer.

Not affected by dust, smoke, temperature, moisture
One main drawback of optical crossfaders is that they stop working once there is internal dirt buildup. The InnoFader´s electronic signals are unaffected by environmental factors experienced in harsh DJ environments.

No cleaning required
Unlike other contact crossfader technologies, only routine light maintenance is required to keep the rails lubricated and free running. Because of the closed construction of the long body, this is kept to an absolute minimum.

Reasonable cost The InnoFader comes in at a very reasonable price for the quality and performance it offers.

The Audio Innovate innoFADER boasts another first for any crossfader-onboard adjustment of both the cut-in point and the curve

In most cases, mixers do not offer cut-in point control, instead being left to under the hood manual modifications to reduce the unusable dead space of your crossfader . The Audio Innovate innoFADER however offers a “cut-in” adjustment and depending on your needs, can be used to reduce or increase the dead space.

Often the factory fitted curve just isn’t good enough. Sometimes the cut isn’t sharp enough, there’s a “dip” in the middle, or the DJ just wants a curve that feels more natural. The Audio Innovate innoFADER “curve” trim pot offers full control of this mid point all the way to pin-sharp at either end of the curve, keeping even the most fussy of DJs happy.

Mix DJs however have need of greater control over your crossfader curve linearity. Not all mixers are created equally so the innoFADER has the ability-via an easily removed jumper connector-to fix the mid-point and adjust the curve accordingly. This can especially come in handy for mixers with mono VCA crossfaders, allowing you to sharpen or soften the curve equally for both channels.

The innoFADER gives you all the options you could ever need to achieve the perfect curve response on mixers that might not even have any curve options at all.