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American DJ RFC Remote

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American DJ ADJ RFC Overview

The ADJ RFC Wireless Remote Control from American DJ is an RF (radio frequency) wireless remote control designed for use with various LED fixtures. The ADJ RFC is capable of turning compatible lights on or off or blacking out, automatically running through built-in programs, program selection, Strobe Effect and controlling the speed of the Auto Run. It can also adjust the flash rate, adjust RGB colors and activate the Sound Active mode. (See specs for a complete compatibility list)


Black Out: Turns fixture on/off
Auto Run: Automatically runs through built-in programs
Program Selection: Access unit's built-in programs
Flash: Strobe effect
Speed: Controls speed of Auto Run
Sound Active: Activates Sound Active mode
RGB Buttons: Adjusts RGB colors with the + and - buttons
Buttons: Adjusts flash rate, speed of the Auto Run, and program selection