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American DJ Quad Phase HP 32W LED Light

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American DJ Quad Phase HP Overview

The American DJ Quad Phase HP 32W LED Light is designed to fill a room with dozens of razor sharp beams of light. This moonflower features a 32W 4-in-1 quad color LED source (RGBW). The Quad Phase HP Light produces up to 15 colors in all.

It offers the following features sought after in special effects lights: DMX-512 for programming or linking capabilities, built-in sound active programs, a no-duty cycle (run all night), a long life, a high output LED source (30,000 hours), a 4-button DMX display on the rear (for easier programmability), IEC power daisy-chaining, and a 1.8 degree step motor for smooth movement. The Quad Phase HP Light can be controlled by a DMX Controller or ADJ’s UC3 Mini Controller (sold separately).

Moonflower effect with 32W Quad-Color LED 4-in-1 (Red, Green, Blue, White)technology produces color-changing beams of light
Razor sharp beams fill a dance floor, ceiling, or wall
With a 1.8˚ Long Life Stepper motor technology, it can produce quick accurate movement or smooth-fluid-move movements for mood music
DMX-512 Protocol Compatible: 4 DMX channels (Color, Rotation, Strobe, Dimmer)
Built-in programs (Sound Active and Master / Slave modes)
Produces 15 preset colors
Linkable via a 3-pin XLR cable (sold separately)
4-Button DMX display on the rear panel
Safety hook on rear panel
2 Operating Modes: Sound active and DMX control
Internal microphone
Digital display for address and function setting
UC3 controller (sold separately)
Cord daisy chain