America - Heritage II: Demos / Alternate Takes 1971-1976 [LP]

by Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records

Eleven previously unissued demos and alternate tracks from 1971-1976, including the long-rumoured 13 minute acoustic jam “Jameroony”.
Liner notes by the band’s Gerry Beckley.

1. Cornwall Blank (Demo #2), 2. Jameroony (Acoustic Jam), 3. Mandy (Demo)

1. What Does It Matter (Demo), 2. You (Vocals/Strings Excerpt), 3. Mad Dog (Demo/Track Mix With Backing Vocals), 4. Simple Life (Alternate Mix), 5. Lovely Night (Demo), 6. Today’s The Day (Alternate Mix), 7. Amber Cascades (Acoustic Mix/Take 3), 8. Letter (Alternate Mix)

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