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Allen & Heath ZED-22FX 22-Channel Analog Mixer with USB and Built-In Effects

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Allen & Heath ZED-22FX Overview

The Allen & Heath ZED-22FX is a 22-channel analog mixer offering versatile I/O and built-in effects for use in home and project studio recording, houses of worship, and live sound reinforcement. The 16 mono channels feature Neutrik XLR mic and 1/4" line inputs, DuoPre preamps with phantom power and bountiful gain, 1/4" insert points, and 3-band EQ, while the three stereo channels have 1/4" inputs and 2-band EQ. All channels are equipped with long-throw 100mm faders, solo and mute buttons, and independent aux send knobs.

The three external aux sends are ideal for routing to floor monitors or outboard time-based effects, leaving the internal aux send dedicated as a feed to the built-in effects processor, which boasts 16 presets, a tap tempo function, and adjustable parameters. A USB 1.1 port delivers 2-channel send and return capabilities via a Mac or Windows computer. There are stereo and mono main outputs in addition to alt and headphone outputs, and dual 12-segment LED meters that clearly indicate your master output level. Patch additional stereo sources into the RCA stereo return and 2-track inputs, then route them to the stereo bus, or mix them into the stereo channels. The stereo RCA output is handy for recording your mix to an external device such as a cassette deck or computer soundcard.

16 Mono Inputs

There are 16 mono input channels with Neutrik connectors—XLR for balanced mic signals, and 1/4" for balanced/unbalanced line-level sources

3 Stereo Inputs

The three stereo input channels feature 1/4" connectors to accommodate stereo devices such as keyboards, synth modules, and external effects processors

Flexible EQ Section

All mono channels feature 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange, while the stereo channels offer 2-band EQ


Inserts on all mono channels and the stereo output provide easy integration of analog outboard gear such as hardware compressors and equalizers

Onboard Effects

An internal aux send bus feeds the built-in effects processor, which provides an array of high-quality delay, reverb, and modulation effects, and returns to the stereo bus

Independent Aux Sends

Three mono aux sends with independent level controls allow versatile signal routing to floor monitors and external effects processors

USB Connection

A USB 1.1 port allows direct connection to Mac and Windows computers for stereo audio I/O

Flexible Outputs

The ZED-22FX offers balanced XLR stereo main outputs, a 1/4" mono main output, 1/4" and 3.5mm stereo headphone outputs, and a source-selectable stereo alt output