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Allen & Heath Xone:92 Fader Professional 6 Channel Club/DJ Mixer (Open Box)

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Allen & Heath Xone:92S Overview

The Allen & Heath XONE:92 is a flexible, professional six-channel DJ mixer designed for nightclub and venue installation. The XONE:92 delivers flexible routing and professional sound quality with four turntable and four line inputs on RCA phono connections. Mic channels 1 and 2 feature balanced XLR microphone inputs, which are switchable to line level with stereo 1/4" inputs for return channels for effects. Both channels offer four-band EQ, level controls, and cue sends. 

The XONE:92 is packed with sonic and performance-enhancing features that include a powerful four-band EQ on every channel, user-replaceable Penny & Giles crossfader, and dual voltage-controlled multi-mode resonant filters with dedicated LFOs for hands-free control. Two mix outputs feature balanced XLR and 1/4" phone connections, while a dedicated booth output features stereo 1/4" connections, plus an additional record output on RCA phono connections for recording sets. Two aux connections may be used to route the signal to external effects and signal processors. The Allen & Heath XONE:92 includes a rackmount kit and a power cord.


Key Features 

  • Six dual stereo inputs, two with mic inputs
  • RIAA preamps for up to 4 turntables
  • Input selectors with two color indicators
  • Smooth action level controls
  • Two stereo aux sends with pre/post switching
  • Four Band EQ: High definition of frequency bands, with an infinite kill on HF and LF; wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost  
  • MIDI output from VCF 1+2, crossfader, LFO 2 (MIDI clock), dedicated data control and start/stop button
  • Large light-pipe illuminated cue switches
  • Nine-segment LED channel meters (3 color bull's eye)
  • Crossfader and filter assign switches
  • Smooth travel 60mm VCA faders
  • Active Penny & Giles VCA crossfader allowing contour to be set from smooth to scratch mix
  • Cue/Mix monitor balance control
  • Two independent mix outputs
  • Two rotary master level controls
  • Dual stereo analogue VCF effects
  • Three filter modes combine for more effects
  • Independent frequency sweep controls
  • Resonance control for subtle or wild effects
  • Filter LFO depth and tempo controls
  • Illuminated filter switches punch effect in or out
  • Powerful headphones monitor with auto cue
  • Headphones split cue and aux 1 and 2 monitoring
  • Stereo music only booth monitor output
  • Booth mono and mute switching
  • Nine-segment LED main meters (3 color bulls eye)
  • Mix 1 Output: Balanced +4 dBu XLR stereo
  • Mix 2 Output: Impedance balanced line stereo
  • Pre-fade recording output