Gotham (Talib Kweli & Diamond D) - Gotham [LP]

by Fatbeats

This Album is dedicated to the City of Dreams. The Capital of the World. The Big Apple. The city so nice, they named it twice. GOTHAM. 


  1. Sons Of Gotham (T Greene, J. Kirkland) 
  2. Olympic (T Greene, J. Kirkland) 
  3. The Quiet One Ft. Busta Rhymes (T Greene, J. Kirkland, T. Smith ) 
  4. On Mamas (T Greene, J. Kirkland)
  5. Attention Span Ft. Skyzoo (T Greene, J. Kirkland, G. Taylor) 
  6. In Due Time Ft. Niré AllDai (T Greene, J. Kirkland, E. Reed) 
  7. Pick Ya Head Up Ft. John Forte (T Greene, J. Kirkland, J Forte) 
  8. Chillin While Black (T Greene, J. Kirkland) 
  9. I’ll Tell Ya Later Ft. NIKO IS (T Greene, J. Kirkland, N. Paiva) 
  10. The Fold (T Greene, J. Kirkland) 

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