Dr. Suzuki DSS-7SK01 Skratch Slipmats 7-inch

by Dr. Suzuki

Dr. Suzuki DSS-7SK01 Skratch Slipmats 7-Inch - This slipmat design is the upgraded and improved successor of the third series Tablecloth. The fabric has been upgraded to a higher quality for durability and anti-static. As always, Dr. Suzuki products are hand built in Japan to give you the best performance and confidence in your DJing. Included are a reusable record jacket with window to keep them in and 2 x Slipsheets. Take the performance on your turntables, mixing and especially skratching to the next level! - Features: Never get frayed or torn edges - Heat treated and specially coated edges will eliminate these headaches - Manufactured in Japan by Dr. Suzuki - 2 x slipsheets included - Made in Japan

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