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Skullcandy Riff Wireless 2 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Take a Hike)

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Skullcandy Riff 2 Overview

Providing bold, unplugged sound with long lasting battery life, the Riff Wireless 2 from Skullcandy, styled in true black, are comfortable on-ear Bluetooth headphones with easy operation. The Riff Wireless 2 supports a wide array of uses thanks to optimized EQ settings and low-latency operation that can easily accommodate gaming, movies, music, or podcasts through the free Skullcandy App.

The Riff Wireless 2 sports 34 hours max battery life and can provide you with up to four hours of battery life with only a 10 minute rapid charge. If you lose track of your headphones, the convenient Tile finder function allows you to track your headphones location and ring them from the Tile app. The Riff Wireless 2 includes a USB-C charging cable and a TRRS aux cable which supports two-way communication, such as phone calls.

Comfort, Durability, and Flexibility

Riff Wireless 2 delivers the goods with unparalleled comfort, and it's built to stand up to years of everyday abuse. Plus, an included backup aux cable gives you the option of plugging in if wired is your thing.

Pure Action, No Interruptions

With 34 hours of battery, you'll never need to plug in mid-game again. If you do run low, our Rapid Charge feature gives you an extra 4 hours of listening time from a quick, 10-minute charge.

Pair with Multiple Devices

Multipoint Pairing makes it possible to pair your headphones to two devices at once. If your phone rings while you're watching a video on your laptop, your connection will switch so you can take the call.

Life is Better in The App

Riff Wireless 2 lets you tweak your listening experience through the Skullcandy App. Reduce audio and video delay with the low-latency Gaming Mode and optimize your music, movies, and podcasts with preset and custom EQ modes.

No Complications

Riff Wireless 2 was designed with simplicity in mind. Intuitive controls on the earcup put you in charge of the most common functions without digging through your pocket or pack to find your phone.

Worries Not Included

Enjoy your wireless freedom without the fear of losing your headphones. Tile finding technology is built right in, so if you ever misplace Riff Wireless 2, you can just ring it from the Tile app.