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Music Hall Bellari vp130 mk2 Tube Phono Preamp with Headphone Amplifier for Moving-Magnet Cartridges

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Music Hall VP 130MK2 Overview

The Music Hall Bellari vp130 mk2 is a high-fidelity, tube phono preamp with a built-in headphone amplifier. Featuring an all-tube circuitry, it amplifies the signal from your turntable to a level that allows you to connect it to your sound system. This preamp is specifically designed to work with moving-magnet (MM) or high-output moving-coil (MC) cartridges.

The Bellari vp130 mk2 features an RIAA equalization curve, the worldwide standard for playing back phonograph records. It is equipped with a cartridge load capacitance control that allows you to fine tune the preamp to closely match the characteristics of your specific MM cartridge.

The output level knob enables you to boost the output of the preamp and get an ideal match in volume between the output of your cartridge, the volume level of the record you're playing, and your system's characteristics. A headphone jack is provided for listening to your records with your favorite pair of headphones.

Key Features

  • High-fidelity, tube phono preamp for moving-magnet (MM) and high-output moving-coil (MC) cartridges
  • The VP130 uses one 12AX7 tube running at 150V
  • The phono input signal is connected directly to the grid of the tube
  • RIAA equalization curve for worldwide compatibility
  • Volume level knob with 38.9 dB gain
  • Adjustable cartridge load capacitance
  • Rumble flter cuts very low frequencies (below 20 Hz)
  • High-grade headphone amp with volume control and 3.5mm output connector
  • Mute switch mutes RCA outputs but not headphone output
  • RCA conectors for inputs and outputs
  • Energy-efficient, external switch-mode power supply—100-240 VAC