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Your Beginners Guide to DJ equipment

Want your DJ career to boost? Are you having a DJ gig in near future but are confused about what equipment do you need? Don’t want it to go wrong?

Well, DJing is an art. The right equipment for every gig changes over time. What to pack and what to leave depends hugely on your choice and the kind of DJ you are. So let us have a look at the equipment DJ use usually.

                What equipment is most usual?

                Equipment is technological. Technology can fail. You need to have exactly figured out what you want.

  1. So first thing is that you should have a backup of your music library. Many cloud services provide that or you can store it in physical hard drives.
  2. Your controller is something without which you can’t go out. The more awesome your controller is the better your will be music.
  3. A laptop is necessary.
  4. Mixer if you are into that
  5. Midi Controllers are also great for advanced DJing
  6. Small backup devices like deck controllers
  7. Spare cables each one having one meter of length.
  8. Torch
  9. Electrical tape

All this equipment is must-have for a successful DJ party.

What if I am a beginner? What equipments do I need to buy?

For building a DJ setup for beginners, you need the following things.

  1. Input Devices

When there are so many input devices available for every DJ out there, which one to chose? The best DJ input device for beginners is the Stanton T.92 USB direct-drive S-arm USB turntable. It is affordable and provides extended facilities.

  1. Mixer

You need a good mixer as it is the core of your DJ setup. For a beginner, you can use a mixer having four channels. There are many but the best one will be Allen & Heath High Performance 2+2 Channel DJ Mixer.

  1. Headphones

How are you going to judge your music if you can’t hear it? Headphones can be the most expensive DJ equipment if you go for them. But for beginners, Sennheiser HD 25 Plus Closed-Back Monitor Headphones are pretty great.

  1. Sound –System

Without sound, you can’t work. Monitor speakers are good for them as they can provide you clarity in terms of music. Mackie CR4 Woofer is great for your beginner DJ experience.

  1. Controller

Another essential thing without which the DJ journey can’t start. Controllers are pretty expensive but for a beginner, you can go for Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 which is pretty amazing in its category.


Do you know you can rent all of this equipment too? But if you are wanting them as your own then go for it. See, these are basic equipment which will allow you to start your Djing journey without any difficulty. Then there is the whole world to explore. But for beginners, these are enough. So buy them and start rocking the world.


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