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Thanksgiving and Rock and Soul!

With a host of experiences to be had at Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records, Thanksgiving weekend featured a 3-day musical excursion. 

To kick off the festivities Record Store Day checked in with fans lined up before doors opened to get their hands on exclusive titles released only to a handful of record shops in the world. Rock and Soul had some of the greatest vinyl to ever get pressed and packaged available from every genre of music you can imagine. The list was extensive from Patsy Cline to the Naughty By Nature 25th Anniversary Edition of Poverty’s Paradise, no album was left unturned. 

Share your Wish List to get the tune you’re dying to own any time of year, call or email for more details. 

There was more than vinyl ringing the register swish song of quickly swiped plastic at Rock and Soul. Black Friday deals offered a head start to holiday shopping on turntables, mixers, microphones and some of the best equipment for quality sound. Plus a few freebies to go with. 

On the heels of the nation’s largest shopping day came one of the most significant for mom and pop shops and the communities they support. Small Business Saturday was a reminder to shop local, shop small. Savings could be found all over the store with a promise to price match and beat any price over the two-day spending frenzy.  

Before the weekend wrapped, who could forget The Phase Live Session + DJ Meetup Tour NYC. Not only was it a chance to get to know Phase up close and personal, but it was education and new updates on Phase products and a hands-on workshop along with more deals to seal the weekend on Phase accessories. 

You could feel the energy in the shop turn way up when Lady Supreme and Dirty Digits rocked out Rock and Soul in the "One Minute By" showcase series. The place was abuzz with DJs testing tracks and making mixes in homage to music’s contribution to universal communication. Attendees went home with sick swag from Digilogs Designs and a weekend to remember. 

Special thanks to over 4 decades of support from the dopest customers on the planet! Rock and Soul will continue to bring you the widest selection in DJ equipment and music at the best prices. And offer DJ classes for anyone who wants to hone in on their talent or learn something new.

Author - Kimberly Morris

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