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Black Friday at Rock & Soul: Bigger Location, Bigger Vibes


This Black Friday, we cranked up the chill at our new, bigger location at Rock & Soul. Good tunes and great deals. We saw music enthusiasts from all walks of life lining up early, some even camping out overnight, ready to snag their favorite records. The vibe was right, and the anticipation was real.


As the sun rose, our early birds were on a mission. Some were after that Olivia Rodrigo vinyl, and they weren't leaving without it. The simplicity of the plan? Line up early, get what you want, and enjoy the music.


Everyone who waited in line early got exactly what they came for. No need to scramble or worry about missing out. It was a chill Black Friday where music lovers left with smiles on their faces and their most coveted records in hand. So, mark your calendars for next year – if you want the good stuff, come early to Rock & Soul.



Adding to the cool factor, we had none other than Ralph McDaniels hosting the day. The popular DJ and VJ brought his signature style, making Black Friday at Rock & Soul a vibe like no other. But the music didn't stop there – DJs like Nick Diablo, Roman Martinez, Rick Bogota, and DJ Damian Sun took turns spinning tunes, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the soul of every music lover. 

 In a nutshell, Black Friday at Rock & Soul wasn't about the chaos; it was about the chill, the music, and the community. Make a note for next year – come early, snag your favorites, and soak in the good vibes. See you then!







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