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I love music, you love music, we all love music. Music is the single thing on this planet that we all share a love for. It connects us together as one single happy bubble. Music unites us all and knows no boundaries whether in terms of race, skin color or ethnicity. It is as old as human kind on this planet.

You have been listening to music before you knew how to walk properly. Music forms part of our life, it’s like part of the family. Music is what makes you experience all kinds of emotions, it’s fascinating. It’s what keeps you happy, gives you a chance to experience good times twice and gets you through rough times.

And now, you’re at some point in your life where you’re wondering whether to pursue this full-time or not. You’re hesitating because maybe your parents told you to get a real job, you’re scared to be a failure and maybe you don’t even believe in yourself yet. I’m no fortune teller but if there’s one thing I can tell you, there won’t be anyone more miserable than you in 40 years who regrets not pursing his passion.

Making money has never been easy and I’m not telling you it’s the right way to make money. But, in a few years, when you’ll think back about your life, you won’t have any “I wish I did… “moments. Instead, you’ll be thinking “luckily I did… “.

“Life with no regrets” is such a simple motto but carries a really deep message.

Even if you’ll be rich or not, have a house, a nice car and all the possessions which you desire. Deep down, you’ll always have this annoying gut feeling for not doing what you love. Not telling you you’re not going to be happy for the rest of your life but there’ll surely be something that you’ll feel you lack.

Right now, you’re probably still sitting on the fence about going into it. There’s that negative voice in your head telling you all the reasons “why you can’t “but this other voice fighting it and you can’t distinguish which one is real. Sometimes, there’re things that cannot be solved on the level of the mind. Only immense amount of action will get you the answers. So, quit focusing on the ‘why not’s ‘ and instead do focus on the good things that will happen to you.

Do you ever notice that those moments when you’re like “To hell with it, let’s do this” turn out to be the best ones? Shutting the mind off and simply taking action sometimes is the best solution. Try it for yourself and start living the life of your dreams.

In the beginning, you might not have all the pieces of the puzzle aligned in the right place and it may not be the fantasy that you imagined even along the way. But nothing great was achieved without rough times and precisely those who persisted through it. Otherwise everyone would do it.

Life is fragile, you never know what can happen in the future. Choose to live a life that you love. Choose one that you can look back on and have no regrets.“Love the life you live; live the life you love” – Bob Marley

Here at Rock & Soul, we’ll be more than happy to be able to assist you with the best equipment and contribute to your growth into a legend.


Author - Yessen Pothaya

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