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DJ Setup for Beginners 🎧


Building your first professional DJ setup can be a daunting task, especially if you are simply starting out as a DJ. To start on your journey to great beat mixes, it is important to consider numerous components before making any gear purchases. With so many options for DJ equipment and software platforms nowadays, making informed decisions on which equipment to spend your hard-earned money on is a key step to building a professional DJ setup fit for your budget and skills.
Setups vary widely among DJs. The equipment comprising a complete setup depends on each DJ’s personal preference and musical style.
Here is a sample setup for beginners who want the classic turntable setup:
  1. Two turntables
  2. DJ mixer
  3. Headphones
  4. USB/audio interface (optional)
  5. Monitor speakers (optional)
  6. Cases and Mounts: Gator Cases EVA Series
  1. Turntable - Numark NTX1000 Professional High-Torque Direct-Drive Turntable with USB
The NTX1000 from Numark is a professional direct-drive DJ turntable with USB for direct connection to PCs, allowing for easy vinyl archiving directly to the software. The built-in phono preamp features a phono/line switch, which can connect to mixers and receivers without an integrated phono preamp. The NTX1000 is physically designed for DJ performance,
  • Full-size platter with high-torque direct-drive motor
  • Two-speed design: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
  • S-shaped tonearm for accurate tracking
  • Tonearm with height adjustment, damped cueing and anti-skate control
  • Pitch range adjustable to ±8%, 16%, and 50%
  • Adjustable counterweight for perfect tonearm balance
  • Pitch fader with reset button
  • Start and stop time knobs for adjustable time ramping
  • 45 RPM adapter included
Other great options are Pioneer PLX 500, Reloop RP 7000MK2.
2. DJ Mixer - Numark Scratch - 2-Channel Scratch Mixer for Serato DJ Pro
The Numark Scratch is a two-channel DJ mixer designed for use with the included Serato DJ Pro software. The mixer features a built-in innoFADER crossfader, performance pads, instant loop encoder, and toggle paddles to trigger software-based effects. Also included is the Serato DVS expansion pack, allowing for immediate access to connector turntables or CD/media players and control of Serato DJ Pro using optional Noisemap Control Vinyl or CDs.
Features - 
  • Serato DJ Pro with DVS license included
  • Ready to connect to Serato NoiseMap Control Vinyl or CDs (available separately)
  • innoFADER scratch crossfader with reverse and slope control
  • Six direct access effect selectors with dual-paddle launch triggers and dry/wet FX control
  • Eight performance pads to access hot cues, rolls, and samples
  • Filter knobs to create audio sweeps
  • Dedicated instant looping knobs
  • Phono/line inputs
  • Combo mic input (XLR/1/4") with level and tone control
  • 24-bit digital sound quality
  • Balanced high output XLR connection
  • Separate booth/zone output
  • Dual-headphone output cueing system (1/4" and 3.5mm)
  • Prime Loop sound pack included
  • SoundSwitch lighting control software included (2-month subscription)

You can check more options available here!

3. Headphones -  
Audio-Technica Consumer ATH-M50xBT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - 
Designed to combine studio-quality sound with mobile convenience, the ATH-M50xBT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones from Audio-Technicafeatures sound reproduction from 45mm large-aperture drivers with rare-earth magnets, and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. Together, they are designed to provide both clear audio and rich, deep bass. To help further enhance audio fidelity, the M50xBT features padded noise-isolating earcups, and aptX/AAC codec support.
NOTE - Use "RHFAMILYROCKS" coupon code to get $50 OFF! 
We also have many other great options in headphones, please check here if you want to know more.


4. Cases and Mounts - 

Finally, we have some equipment cases to keep that precious (and of course, expensive) DJ gear safe, the EVA Series by Gator Cases. The first two we will talk about are both cases for DJ controllers. The Medium EVA DJ controller case is designed to fit the average-sized controllers, tables, and mixers (common models to compare are Pioneer DDJ-SR, DDJ-SB2, and Numark NV). It offers interior lined with foam padding so you don’t have to worry about your controller getting damaged when you travel. It also has a lightweight construction and an adjustable padded shoulder strap for optimal comfort when carrying. The Large EVA DJ controller case is a little more expensive but has virtually the same features as the medium-sized bag. It is designed to fit larger and higher-end DJ gear (such as the Pioneer DDJ-RX/SX/SX2, Native Instruments Traktor S8, Numark Mixdeck Quad, and more).

The last case we really love by this brand is the Waterproof model, which is the priciest of the 3 cases. It is the most heavy-duty case they offer – specifically designed for the CDJ-2000 or the 2000 Nexus and comes with ATA-3000 certification and an NK-7 resin shell for protection. It is also padlocked with easy release power-claw launches for easy opening and closing. We love Gator Cases EVA Series to fit your protection needs, but remember, cases and mounts will be subjective until you actually chose your beginner DJ equipment, so keep this one last to make sure they all fit.

Check here all the cases and bags we carry for different equipment.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any questions.
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