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Christmas Specials 🎅

The magical season is here again filled with a lot of sparkle and fun! It’s coming up to Christmas, so we thought we would make your life easy and recommend some nice DJ party that will be coming up and equipment at an affordable prices in our store! If you know someone who is into music production, we’re sure that they will love to add to their setup for 2020. We supply everything you need in the world of Rock and Soul and Production, so we have got some gift suggestions for beginners and experts alike and we also have a Christmas party for our amazing customers on the 26th of December.

Those of you who are also seeking a cheeky Christmas deal for yourself are also more than welcome! All of these products are available on our website –


DJ equipment is an investment worth looking after. but it is quite common for serious DJ’s to make this kind of investment in their equipment.  For these DJ’s it almost always makes sense to invest in Decksavers which are designed to fit perfectly on your CDJ, Mixer or controller, stopping dust from gathering and protecting from accidents and spillages. Most modern DJ kit has the matching decksaver and we have different models available. All of these are available to see on our website*  ! we will be happy to check for you!

Serato Control Vinyl

This one’s for the DVS users – if you have a Serato DVS vinyl setup but want to add some colour to the mix, we offer a wide range of colour variations! Just swap these with the basic DVS vinyl and you’re away, it is as easy as that! Available colours include black, white, green, pink, blue, red, yellow, purple and glow in the dark! Available to order on our website*+vinyl*


NEO Cables

Issues with interference in your sound during a live set? A real disaster. It happens regularly though and one of the most common causes is the quality of the audio cables.

Every music production and DJ setup needs cable. Products will usually come with all the cables you need, but a majority of the time these are the basic grade. Often overlooked, good cable improves an audio signal in a multitude of ways. When transmitting an analogue audio signal, details of the signal is lost through the cable, which can be minimized by using high-grade materials. The NEO d + RCA class B cables use a high purity oxygen-free copper conductor. This allows for lower frequencies to get through that would otherwise deteriorate along the signal path. If you are serious about your kit or know someone that is, and they are using basic cabling, then this is an easy way to improve the sound! Perfect for connecting your CDJ’s and Turntables to your mixer or speakers. Available on our website.


Author - Afolayan Adewale







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