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The Micro Wash RGBW is going to offer you a fantastic light show and give you great features that traditional mini par cans just can't offer. This device is perfect for any number of venues or stages and is available at a great price.
Get rid of those traditional mini par cans and move into the big leagues. The Micro Wash RGBW is a mini par can with smooth RGBW color mixing from seven bright 1-Watt LEDs. Look to these LEDs to fill your space with that needed ambiance. The Micro Wash RGBW features 32 built-in color macros so you don't have to do any programming out of the box. The lighting features offered include strobing and electronic dimming, and has a 3-Button DMX display system on the rear panel.

The Micro Wash RGBW has a dual bracket system that allows the fixture to be hung or set on the ground, and is ideal for performance stages, table spotting, lighting retail stores or anywhere traditional par cans emit a lot of heat onto performers.

The different operational mode offered is staggering: Manual Color Mode; Color Change Mode; Color Fade Mode; Auto (Program Run) Mode; Sound Active Mode and DMX-512 Mode. With all of these options you can have many unique setups for any number of situations. Pick the Micro Wash RGBW as your next set of mini par cans, and you won't be disappointed.