DJ Battle with QSC and Rock and Soul

QSC DJ Battle with Rock and Soul

The Stage is Set!

Rock and Soul and QSC present the second annual 2x DJ Battle - featuring over $11,000 in prizes!

One finalist spot remains - compete in our Open Prelim for your shot at the title.

Finals – November 7, 2017
Open Prelim Sign up – 2pm
Open Prelim begins – 3pm
Finals Begin – 5pm

Video Finalists - submit a 6-minute video which will be judged live
DJ Astonish
DJ Guto Loureiro
DJ As-One
DJ Inbituin
DJ Dstrukt (Last Years Live Finals Champion)

Live Finalists - prepare an 8-minute set to perform live
DJ Remedy
DJ Fiinest
DJ Supreme
Plus one open prelim competitor.

Special Guest Judges
DJ Spictakular
DJ Esquire
Dirty Digits
Special Guest Host
Boogie Blind

Open Prelim Round
Sign up will be first come first serve.
Participants will be allowed to perform a 3 min set.
Judges will choose one participant will be picked to move onto the Finals

Video Finals
Contestants will submit a 6 minute video which will be judged during the Finals.

Live Finals
Contestants will perform an 8 minute set live which to be judged at the Finals.

There will be 2 DJ Stations. Only Technics turntables and Rane 62 mixers will be used. DJs cannot replace the knobs on the mixers with other knobs. Also the live battles do not permit a video component. Please do not attempt to alter the mixers - which are property of Rock and Soul

Bring your own headphones, slipmats, needles, records, computers, USB cords, Serato or Traktor boxes, control vinyl, laptop stands etc. Make a check list if you are forgetful or nervous.

Laptops and DVS programs should be ON, UP, RUNNING & READY before you get on the stage to set up. Be prepared and have your battery charged just in case you can’t plug in somewhere. If you can't sort your technical problems out, within a certain period of time, the battle will have to move on without you. So please do your research and know your equipment inside and out.

For those who use Traktor - here is some advice from DJ Don Santos
"I use Traktor with a external sound card, the Audio DJ 8. Or serato software is free, any one with a computer can download and use it. You still need a serato sound card of course but hey, if you want it bad enough...And you can always just use vinyl. Hope that helps."
See tips for using Traktor with a Rane Mixer.


- Practice setting up & tearing down quickly, at home.
- Take all of your gear off the set up when you are finished competing.
- Keep your property with you at ALL times. Don't leave it laying around. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen personal
- Don't talk to or stand in front of or distract judges while they are judging.
- Do not do routines that involve fire.
- Use profanity or racial slurs at your own risk.
- Use other DJs routines at your own risk - our judges know who is biting.

Let us know if you have any additional questions

QSC DJ Battle Prizes


Prizes are the same for both battles.

1st place – A pair of K12.2 speaker, TM8, KW181 Sub, totes and covers
2nd place – Pair of K8.2 and totes
3rd place - $100 Rock and Soul store credit

Questions / Press Inquiries?

Contact Sharon at 212-695-3953 or