Serato X Thud Rumble Weapons of Wax #1 (Spike)

by Serato
Coming soon!

Product description

Serato X Thud Rumble Weapons of Wax #1 Spike Vinyl

The first-ever shaped Serato record (other than circular disc-shaped, that is!), "Spike" is a single disc release, containing a combination DJ tools and Serato Control Vinyl pressing for Serato DJ Pro and Scratch Live using Serato�s NoiseMap� Control Tone.

Turntable martial artists had better get into training to ensure they are battle-ready because Thud Rumble�s warriors, in conjunction with Serato�s (nerdy) master craftsmen have forged some crucial new tools for your armory: The Weapons of Wax.

These mythical tools are precision engineered to defeat foes whether you�re facing off against the Claw Hands, Flying Guillotines, or the final showdown with the Big Boss. These objects of DJ desire (and terror) contain Thud Rumble�s battle tools and loops, and the flip has the Serato control tone lone DJ swordsmen have come to rely upon. What�s your style?


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