RocknRoller Multi-Cart Ground Glider Max R16RT

by Rock N Rolla

R16 Ground Glider

The R16 Ground Glider instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations.

Super wide R-Trac 6 front casters with brakes and 8x3 rear wheels easily

roll heavy loads over grass, dirt, and soft carpet. The custom-designed R-Trac

Wide wheels feature low profile no-flat tires, lightweight but strong polymer hubs,

low rolling resistance, pneumatic-like cushioning, vastly wider load dispersion over

soft terrain, and look like racing wheels. 6x3 brake casters are 50% wider than typical

casters and R-Trac 8x3 rear wheels are 33% wider to glide over soft terrain but keep the

cart lower to the ground for better loading ergonomics and smaller storage size. 25% larger

tubing on the frame bed and foldable handles are stronger for even bigger loads. Extremely tough

textured powder coat finish survives thousands of gigs. Non-skid frame bed surface resists load slippage.

Now you can easily roll your gear over the grass at a backyard wedding, an outdoor festival, or sporting event.

Popular Uses:

DJ & Live Sound, Film & TV Production, Location Sound, Facility Maintenance, General Contracting, construction,

Wedding Photography, Live Performance, Marching Bands & Drum Corps, HVAC Contracting, Sports,

Scientific/Field Study/Research, Delivery Vans, Pet Shows, Trade Shows


RocknRoller Multi-Cart 8-in-1 Equipment Transporter - Model R16RT

Powder-coated steel tube frame telescopes from 34"-52" in length with 32" foldable sides.

8"x3" R-Trac wide no-flat rear wheels

6"x3" R-Trac wide no-flat swivel casters with brake

Load cap.: 600 lbs./32 cu. ft. Wt: 33 lbs.

Additional specifications:

  • Tubing gauge: 16 gauge (0.065" wall)
  • Tubing size on main frame: 1" and 1.25" square steel tube
  • 19mm axle Polypropylene Hub with Polyurethane Foam tires

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