Rock 'n' Rolla Junior Briefcase Turntable

by Rock 'n' Rolla

Value-packed Record Player

Enjoy the true sound of vinyl with the Rock N Rolla Junior Briefcase Turntable. Three input options make it easy to listen from any device, and the built-in USB port allows you to digitize your records to a USB stick as you listen to them. Two full-range speakers allow for listening anywhere, and you can connect your own headphones or stereo receiver too. If you prefer listening on vinyl, you'll find a lot of value in the Rock N Rolla Junior Briefcase Turntable.

Rock N Rolla Junior Briefcase Turntable Features at a Glance:
  • Briefcase turntable
  • Temperature-tested belt drive for long-term reliability
  • Three playback speeds (33/45/78)
  • Excellent sound quality from the diamond-tipped needle
  • Two built-in full-range speakers
  • 3.5mm headphone output, plus RCA outs for receiver or powered speakers
  • USB port for backing up your records as digital audio files
  • Three input options to connect to iOS, Android and other devices

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