Reloop RMX-80 Digital DJ Mixer with Built in Effects

by Reloop
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The Reloop RMX-80 Digital is a heavy-duty 4-channel DJ mixer with digital capabilities which sets a whole new standard in professional club DJ mixers and is loaded with an impressive array of functions and features designed to assist your DJ sets and live performances, taking your sound to a new level. This top of the line mixer is perfect for any DJ looking for high-quality controls and functions that allows you to manipulate your tracks in unique ways and fits right in at home in any club or bar DJ booth.

The RMX-80 comes with an intuitive layout that will feel natural to any DJ and is equipped with four channels, an FX section with an LCD display, a microphone/line channel, and cue controls for monitoring your tracks with surgical precision. Each of the 4-channels is equipped with 3-band EQ controls with a switchable kill frequency option or a classic EQ slope of -24dB, this lets you mix frequencies together for the smoothest blends possible while a bipolar filter control on each channel gives you the ability to perform filter sweeps. Adjustable fader and crossfader curves allow for hard cuts for scratch DJs or smooth blends for more traditional DJs while two independent beat counters offer an intelligent tempo detect function making beat-matching that bit easier on your ears.

An FX section provides you with a range of 13 high-quality performance effects giving you the ultimate in creative potential for on-the-fly remixing of your tracks and were developed in collaboration with professional DJs, so you know you’re getting professional sounding effects. A timing bar gives you the ability to alter the timing of your beat-based effects anywhere between 4/1 beats right down to 1/4 beats. The timing buttons also work for other functions such as triggering loops, LFO rate, or pitch while a large LCD display allows you to visualise effects parameters giving you vital information and a clear overview during creative mixing sessions.

The RMX-80 can be configured to adapt to any performance situation possible thanks to the extensive range of adjustable settings in the setup utility menu. When using the menu, you can individually customise various settings such as output zone routing, limiter and talk over threshold, and EQ crossover frequencies. There is also a classic solo cue mode alongside an extended mix cue control mode which lets you monitor multiple channels simultaneously which is ideal for beatmatching. The addition of a USB hub gives you unlimited digital capabilities and offers three USB-A ports alongside a USB-B port, this lets you connect the mixer directly to your computer for DVS enabled setups and also means you can connect any external MIDI controllers directly to the mixer saving you USB ports on your computer countering the usual lack of USB ports.

This fully digital DJ mixer is a true powerhouse and offers a selection of high-quality, professional DJ features in an intuitive control center that is clearly laid out and gives you intuitive control over all of the channels. The rear of the mixer is equipped with a clear terminal panel for up to 9 audio sources including two microphone inputs with ‘active ducking technology’ that automatically drops the volume of a track when you’re talking on the microphone while two headphone outputs let you perform seamless back to back DJ sets. The fully digital audio architecture gives you a truly outstanding sound with the best audio performance possible and is highly versatile in terms of routing and customisation.


  • 4+1 channel performance club mixer
  • Fully digital architecture for outstanding sound and flexibility
  • Future-proof thanks to innovative, updatable firmware system
  • Setup utility mode for extensive control and setting possibilities (master, limiter, solo/mix cue, isolator crossover, talkover threshold, mic-to-booth, cue-to-booth, LED check, factory reset, firmware update)
  • 13 high-quality performance effects in studio quality (flanger, delay, echo, reverb, transformer, pitch shift, loop roll, reverse loop, noise, bitcrusher, gate, tape delay, send/return)
  • Direct access to effect modulation (trigger, LFO, time, pitch) via time bar buttons
  • 2 independent beat counters with ''intelligent tempo detect''
  • Large, well-structured LC display for all important functions
  • Bipolar filter per channel
  • Adjustable EQ characteristics (kill & classic)
  • Fader & crossfader-start
  • Innofader compatible
  • Mic channel with 2-band EQ & talkover ''active ducking technology'' for mic channel
  • Intelligent 1-knob equalizer and mono/stereo switch for headphones
  • Active 3-way USB hub for additional audio interface or controller
  • Individual zone routing
  • Symmetrical (XLR) as well as asymmetrical (RCA) outputs


  • Inputs: 7x line, 2x phono, 2x mic, return
  • Outputs: Master 1 XLR balanced, master 2 RCA unbalanced, rec, booth, send
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • EQ range classic: +12 dB/ < -26 dB
  • EQ range isolator: +12 DB/ -8 dB (total kill)
  • Dimensions: 320 x 107.5 x 382.4 mm
  • Weight: 6.9 kg

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