Reloop Elite + Pair of Reloop RP-8000MK2

by Reloop
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Bundle includes -
1. Reloop Elite
2. Two Reloop RP-8000Mk2

Reloop Elite Overview

Developed in close cooperation with international turntable artists, the Reloop ELITE is a high-performance DVS mixer for Serato DJ Pro that leverages its performance-oriented layout and powerful features to allow professional DJs to realize their full performance potential. The 16 extra-large velocity-sensitive RGB pads afford control of up to 12 performance modes per deck in Serato DJ Pro, including two user modes. Set individual adjustments using the parameter and four-mode selector buttons over three layers and independently control pad modes on each deck for endless creative possibilities.

The ELITE ships with three of the latest Mini Innofader Pro faders, which sport innovative non-contact technology for smooth action and precise cuts. Customize fade curves and set reverse functions (hamster switch). Additionally, the cut-in/-out points can be adjusted digitally via the setup menu.

The ELITE's FX section is comprised of three assignable effects slots with separate activation buttons per deck. Effects can be implemented via momentary trigger mode or traditional toggle mode. Additionally, each FX section utilizes a high-resolution mini fader to control the intensity, which affords ultra-fast fades and quick cuts. In addition to the Serato FX, the ELITE is equipped with standalone Tweak FX, which provides up to four color-coded options including Filter, Crush, Flange, and White Noise, plus a user-defined mode. Use the bipolar knob to adjust different characteristics depending on the chosen effect.

Reloop RP-8000-MK2 Overview

Developed in close cooperation with renowned international turntable artists, the Reloop RP-8000 MK2 is an upper torque direct quartz driven hybrid turntable/instrument, well suited for live performance DJs at a party or in the club. Designed for seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro, the RP-8000 MK2 offers the possibility of controlling up to seven different performance modes via the pad section. The MK2 also includes a Platter Play mode, which allows the pads to be used to control the platter's rotation speed to create melodies and authentic musical performances.

A digital LCD shows information regarding pitch, BPM, deck assignment, scales and notes, elapsed/ remaining time of the current track, and firmware settings. A highly beneficial feature allows one to match track BPMs without looking at a computer screen. The 8 large RGB pads can control over 7 different performance modes (Cue, Sampler, Saved Loops, Pitch Play, Loop, Loop Roll, Slicer), as well as 2 user modes, which can be custom assigned with individual preferred functions. Additionally, the multi-encoder allows for track browsing directly from the deck itself and can instantly load to the respective deck. What's more, the RP-8000 MK2 is MIDI compatible and can communicate with most MIDI controllable DJ software, thereby negating the need for an additional controller for performance modes.

Platter Play mode controls the platter's pitch via the performance pads, opening new possibilities for musical live performances and turning the RP-8000 MK2 into a legitimate musical instrument. A total of 22 scales and 34 notes are available with an option to create up to 9 user-defined scales. The two-speed select buttons can be used for pitch bending in Platter Play mode and to respectively increase or decrease the audio material's pitch in steps of one half-tone. Furthermore, the platter's speed can also be controlled via an external MIDI keyboard.

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