Rane Sixty-Four 4-Channel Club Mixer (Open Box)

by Rane
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The Sixty-Four 4-Channel Club Mixer from Rane is a 4-channel mixer capable of both analog and digital sources with integrated control for Serato NoiseMap Vinyl/CD control in Serato DJ software. The mixer has dual USB ports and S/PDIF in and out for digital sources as well as 4 channels of stereo analog RCA inputs that can be switched between CD and phono level.

Capable of capturing audio with a 32-bit float point at 48kHz, the Sixty-Four also has Rane ASIO and Core Audio drivers for Serato DJ functionality with Macs and PCs. Its built-in control for Serato DJ extends to over 30 features, not limited to Library, Cues, Loops, SP-6, Sync, Slip Mode, and others. The mixer's 3-band isolator EQ is in-line before its channel faders to allow you to EQ without altering your final output volume.

In addition to a 3-band EQ per channel, the unit has 6 internal effects alongside analog and digital routing effect options thanks to the Sixty-Four's FlexFX bus. Its two combination XLR/TRS mic inputs provide independent on/off, level, pan, tone, and FlexFX assign.

  • Dual USB ports for DJ handover and back-to-back performance
  • Built-in Serato DJ feature control
  • 32-bit floating-point audio sampled at 48 kHz
  • Rane ASIO and Core Audio Drivers for Serato DJ
  • MIDI and audio routing
  • Pre-fader level 3-band isolator EQ, Low-pass/High-pass sweep filter
  • Post-fader FlexFX bus with 6 internal effects, plus USB insert loop for post-fader software effects for each of the two ports
  • 2 independent microphone inputs with On/Off, Level, Pan, Tone and FlexEX assign for each mic - one with 48V phantom power switch
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