Rane Sixty-Eight 4 Channel USB Dj Mixer

by Rane

Product Features:

Rane and Serato welcome the ultimate club Mixer experience. Introducing the first Scratch Live compatible DJ Mixer that allows two computers to be connected simultaneously. Using two USB ports, the new Rane SIXTY-EIGHT Mixer lets two DJs play Scratch Live at the same time, allowing seamless handover from one DJ to another. You can also control up to four decks with a single laptop. Armed with studio-grade phono preamps and S/PDIF inputs to provide a blend of analog and digital audio sources like never before, the Rane SIXTY-EIGHT features easy to use internal digital effects, and direct control of over 30 Scratch Live library, cue and loop functions. Serato adds four new Display Modes into Scratch Live 2.0. These new screen layouts introduce 2, 3 or 4 deck control, each with clean design and your choice of Library Views. Additional tools can be activated in Scratch Live that give you an expanded view and instant control of a range of free plug-ins including the SP-6 Sample Player, brand new Serato DJ FX and direct access to Ableton Live via The Bridge. You can also add the optional Serato Video-SL plug-in to bring exciting visuals into your performance. You now have access to more tracks and effects than ever before with the clean and simple control that makes Scratch Live the number one choice for professional DJs.

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