ProX Roll-Away Utility Case Ideal for Record Storage (Holds 200 Records) (Open Box)

by ProX Cases
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ProX T-UTIHW Overview

    You can use this case to hold records as well

Transport your audio and lighting equipment safely with the Roll-Away Utility Case from ProX. This road case is designed with DJing gear in mind and features a durable ATA-style 3/8" plywood construction with heavy-duty steel ball corners, making it well suited to protecting equipment during air and ground travel.

Low-profile caster wheels and a retractable handle help you carry heavier loads to your destination. If lifting the case is needed, recessed spring-action handles are also available on the sides of the case. The interior measures 22.3 x 13 x 10" and is completely lined with hard rubber to provide shock protection while retaining durability. Two butterfly twist latches are used for accessing your equipment and are easy to lock. The case comes in a classic black laminated finish and features rubber feet at the bottom to help prevent sliding.

  • ATA-style, flight-ready road case
  • 3/8" certified plywood construction with a black laminated finish
  • Recessed spring-loaded handles and a retractable handle for transport
  • Heavy-duty steel ball corners that enhance durability
  • Easy-to-operate butterfly twist latches for locking and opening the case
  • Inside lined with hard rubber

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