Premium Swiss Leather Turntable Mat | Electric Blue | Slipmat Made in USA

by Rock and Soul DJ Equipment and Records
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Precision crafted in NYC's garment district by Hudson Hi-Fi: this Swiss leather turntable mat is designed to enhance the sound of your turntable. Fitting over the center spindle and sitting comfortably on a 12" platter, the mat offers a better playback surface than felt or cork alternatives. This mat provides an upgrade to standard felt mats and improves the sound of records by dampening resonance and lowering overall noise and static while broadening sound with powerful bass. How does a leather slipmat do this? The interaction between the record and the surface can be tracked very easily by the super sensitivity of a good pick up cartridge. Common felt mats provide smooth contact between record and platter but have a disadvantage with static. Felt mats collect of dust which can transfer to the record. Felt mats dampening ability is limited, often problematic with metal platters. Thick rubbermats over-damp the record causing an isolation effect which leaves the static on the record and hearable noise clicks are the result. Leather is an excellent option to upgrade the sound quality. Resonances are dampened more effectively than felt, and they keep dust away while avoiding static. Hudson Hi-Fi leather mats provide a cost effective way of improving sound while reducing noise, static and dust.

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