Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 Serato DJ Controller (Open Box)

by Pioneer
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Building upon the success of the SX2, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 expands on the features to provide a strong yet portable Serato DJ controller with a familiar layout and lower-latency jog wheels, making it ideal for professional mobile DJs performing at clubs, parties, weddings, and corporate events. The controller includes an unlock code for Serato DJ Pro as well as the Serato Pitch 'n Time and Serato Flip expansion packs.

Additional upgrades include three microphone inputs with 3-band EQ, low-cut filter, compressor, and reverb control on each, as well as dual USB ports, sound color FX, slip mode, and needle search. The ergonomic design features 8 performance pads on each scratch deck with Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer and Sampler functions. The large aluminum jog wheels can be Dual Deck enabled at the push of a button, allowing two tracks to be controlled, scratched, and hot-cued simultaneously. The DDJ-SX3 also functions as a standalone 4-channel mixer, capable of connecting turntables, CD players, and other external audio sources. The mixer also features a built-in soundcard, low-jitter clock, and high-performance AD/DA converters. Each channel features trim, FX, 3-band EQ/rotary kills, and a level fader. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 ships with a power adapter, USB cable, and vouchers for Serato DJ Pro, Pitch 'n Time, and Flip.

Enhanced Vocals

  • Up to 3 people can entertain the crowd at the same time via the 3 mic inputs
  • Ensure crystal clear speech with a 3-band EQ, low-cut filter, compressor, and reverb control on each
  • Enhance vocals with Sound Color FX and Serato DJ Pro FX

Dual USB Ports

  • Connect 2 computers at the same time for seamless DJ transitions, back-to-back performances, or as a backup computer in case your laptop crashes

Professional Interface

  • Feels familiar to use with a layout inherited from Pioneer's flagship Serato controllers
  • Featuring 4 inputs, connect to CDJs, analog turntables, and use as a standalone DJ mixer
  • Plug in various speakers via the XLR and RCA master out and TRS jack booth out terminals

Performance Pads

  • Use the large multicolored performance pads to instantly trigger 11 Serato DJ Pro features
  • Colors and illumination will change to show the selected pad mode and playing status

Low-Latency Jog Wheels

  • Reduced the latency of the jog wheels for smooth scratching
  • Optimized for a professional scratch response, the illuminated cue point markers with cue countdown give you effortless control without needing to look at your laptop

Expansion Packs Enabled

  • Pitch ‘n Time DJ and Serato Flip expansion packs are included
    • Flip
      • Make custom edits of your tracks and play them back at a touch
      • Skip or repeat sections on the fly
    • Pitch 'n Time
      • Shift and sync the key of your tracks
      • Speed up and slow down your tracks to extreme tempos
      • Mix, cut, and scratch while maintaining key and professional audio quality
  • Advanced Features for Smooth Mixing:
    • Key Shift
    • Key Sync
    • Flip
    • Pitch Play

Sound Color FX

  • Add texture and remarkable sounds to your mixes
  • DJM Series Mixer FX
    • Filter
    • Echo
    • Jet
    • Noise FX

Slip Mode

  • Keep tracks playing muted during live edits such as loop, scratch or reverse
  • Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place

Clear Audio

  • The mic input circuit produces clear audio without distortion to ensure clear sound even at high input levels

Needle Search

  • Simply touch the pad to instantly jump to a specific section of a track

Serato DVS Upgradable

Pick up the optional Serato DVS expansion pack to control and scratch with CDJs or turntables

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