Ortofon Cocoon Replacement Stylus

by Ortofon

Ortofon Cocoon Overview

The Ortofon Cocoon Replacement Stylus was developed by the club brand Cocoon and is designed for the limited-edition Cocoon Twin set. The stylus features direct SME mounting for easy set-up, while the special elliptical stylus can withstand heavy back-cueing, while offering premium sound quality. The high output provides clear sound from a mixer/preamplifier. The Ortofon Cocoon Stylus ships with a stylus protection guard and stylus brush

  • Direct SME mounting for easy set-up
  • Elliptical stylus for heavy back-cueing
  • High output for clear sound from a mixer/preamplifier
  • Professional sound quality
  • Includes stylus protection guard and a stylus brush

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