Ortofon CC-S120 Kit Concorde Cartridge with Spare Stylus (Free Stylus Cleaner)

by Ortofon

The brand new Ortofon-Serato 'S-120' sees two of the world's finest manufacturers

of DJ technology unite for the first time to create a pick-up cartridge of unprecedented

specification. The 'S-120' embodies the combination of experience and 'accuracy in

sound' that Ortofon are famous for, with the forward-thinking and famously stable

technology of Serato's Digital Vinyl System, 'Scratch Live'. In the ever-present age

of DVS, no manufacturer has yet looked to optimise the first 'link in the chain' of pick-up

cartridge technology in any dramatically new way. However, the Ortofon-Serato project

has set to change that with technology which, even outside of DVS usage, has created

one of the most impressively spec'd DJ cartridges on the market.The revolutionary, patented

design boasts a number of technological breakthroughs which the whole spectrum of

vinyl-based DJs can benefit from; most notable of which is the development of an

all-new asymmetric suspension technology.

Comes with Free Zomo Stylus Cleaner

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