Odyssey Innovative Designs FZGSPRA1272W DJ Coffin Case for Rane 72 & Rane 12 Mixers

by Odyssey

Odyssey Innovative Designs FZGSPRA1272W Overview

The Odyssey FZGSPRA1272W is a DJ coffin case designed for Rane Seventy-Two & Rane Twelve DJ mixers. When you're not transporting your gear, the case functions as a platform for the controller during rehearsals and gigs.

The case is set up in such a way as to give you access to the controller's front-panel knobs and rear cable connection points thanks to the removable front-access panel, bottom port holes, and rear port holes. Its patented Glide-Style platform can slide out and accommodate your laptop or controller. It will accommodate all applicable gear atop its 45 x 13" surface area.

The case offers bottom rubber feet to protect against scuffing. You'll note the heavy-duty ball corners and hardware as well as recessed handles and wheels to facilitate transport.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Silver hardware
  • Accommodates 12" format DJ mixers
  • Cable port hole
  • Glide-Style laptop 45 x 13" platform
  • Removable panel
  • Rubber feet
  • Wheels
  • 0.375" ply construction
  • Bottom rubber feet
  • Built-in roller wheels
  • Removable front-access mixer compartment panel
  • Cable management rear and bottom port holes
  • Recessed handle and latches
  • Mixer and turntable ventilation pits
  • Dual 1.5" diameter glide platform cable port hole

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