Odyssey Innovative Designs CXP1116W Carpeted Console Rack Case {Black}

by Odyssey
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Odyssey Innovative Designs CXP1116W Overview

The Odyssey Innovative Design CXP1116W Carpeted Console Rack Case {Black} is a case with all-plywood construction and metal hardware. There is an angled protruding top, removable front and back entry panels, and recessed butterfly latches. The case has soft-grip, recessed, spring-loaded handles, and heavy-duty 3.0" casters. The front and rear Edgeguard brace prevents direct impact to the case. The case has a slanted top with a detachable lid. There is room for equipment fitting up to 11 slant spaces above and 16 vertical spaces below.

Case made of heavy-duty carpet glued over 3/4" multi-layer, AA grade premium plywood, designed to carry and protect audio rackable gear
11-space slanted top section and vertical 16-space bottom rack section
Angled protruding top
Detachable lid
The front and rear Edgeguard brace prevents direct impact to the case
Removable front and back entry panels are interchangeable
Chrome-plated, recessed butterfly latches
Pretapped steel rack rails

Carrying options

  • Soft-grip, recessed, spring-loaded handles
  • Heavy-duty 3.0" casters

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