Odyssey FZGSP10CDJWBL Remixer Glide Style Dj Coffin

by Odyssey

BLACK LABEL REMIXER GLIDE STYLE SERIES CD/DIGITAL MEDIA DJ COFFIN Holds Two Large Format Table Top CD/Digital Media Players and a 10 Width Mixer As the evolution of the DJ continues, so does the designs of Odyssey DJ coffins. Introducing the new REMIXER GLIDE STYLE SERIES DJ coffins featuring a full width glide platform to place all your DJ remix gear. With digital DJ software such as Serato, Traktor Scratch, and Ableton, more DJs have gone through the transition from beat mixing and scratching to full on remixing and producing. Availability of so many affordable remixing tools to the DJ, such as midi keyboards and controllers to laptops and iPADs, have grown to an ultimate high and Odyssey is there in the middle of it all providing these DJs the most functional DJ coffins yet with the REMIXER GLIDE STYLE SERIES. Our Glide Style Coffins features our patented Laptop platforms that glide forward and backward over the mixer and

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