Odyssey FZGSL12CDJW Flight Zone Glide Style Laptop DJ CD Mixer Coffin with Wheels

by Odyssey
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Description: Odyssey Glide Style Coffins hold two large format tabletop CD players, one mixer and a laptop. This 12 mixer version features a compartment specially designed to house a Serato interface built right into the gliding laptop platform. Features include rugged built-in wheels, heavy duty spring loaded latches, stackable ball corners, and front access panels. Cabling is clean and easy through convenient access ports throughout.Large format CD Coffins can hold:̢‰âÂå¢ Amercan Audio Radius 1000̢‰âÂå¢ Amercan Audio Radius 3000̢‰âÂå¢ Denon DN-S3500̢‰âÂå¢ Denon DN-S5000̢‰âÂå¢ Denon DN-S5000̢‰âÂå¢ Denon DN-S3700̢‰âÂå¢ Pioneer CDJ-800MK2̢‰âÂå¢ Pioneer CDJ-900̢‰âÂå¢ Pioneer CDJ-1000MKII/MK3̢‰âÂå¢ Pioneer CDJ-2000̢‰âÂå¢ Stanton C-303̢‰âÂå¢ Stanton C-313/C-314̢‰âÂå¢ Technics SL-DZ1200̢‰âÂå¢ Gemini CDJ600̢‰âÂå¢ Numark V7̢‰âÂå¢ Numark NDX800and many more...Features:̢‰âÂå¢ Includes adjustable Mixer/CD Player width strips̢‰âÂå¢ Full foam lined interior̢‰âÂå¢ Stackable ball corners̢‰âÂå¢

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