Numark Mixdeck Express MKII Black

by Numark

Numark Mixdeck Express 


There are few controllers that can claim to play just about anything, but Numark Mixdeck Express enables you to play standalone through different media, plus connect to a laptop. Numark Mixdeck Express is a full-featured DJ controller that comes complete with Serato DJ Intro software, two CD decks, dual USB flash drives, and a fully-integrated three-channel mixer.

Gig-ready everything you need to connect to a sound system is built right in, including balanced XLR outs, two 1/4" balanced mic inputs, and 1/8" and 1/4" headphone output. The built-in screen of Numark Mixdeck Express displays your basic song information and gives you the ability to switch between USB, CD, and computer.


The two high-performance decks on Numark Mixdeck Express feature large touch-sensitive platters for mixing and scratching. There's a seamless looping feature to customize your mix along with a reverse and brake feature.  Numark Mixdeck Express has a built-in mixer with 3-channel EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader, and external inputs to help you mix in external playback devices or an additional microphone.


  • Dual CD/MP3 CD drives
  • USB thumb drive support
  • Multi-function jog wheel
  • Dual-channel audio mixer
  • Jog wheels for searching and scratching
  • 2-deck computer controller with screens and Serato DJ Intro software included
  • A complete dual player system with CD/MP3/USB flash drive support
  • 6, 12, 25, 100% pitch ranges, brake, reverse, and scratch effects, and seamless looping capability
  • Smooth, fast, slot-loading drives with large, touch-sensitive platters
  • 3-channel mixer with EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader, and external inputs

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