Numark DJIO2 USB DJ Audio Interface

by Numark

Numark DJIO2 USB DJ Audio Interface

Complete I/O system for laptop performers.

Numark’s original DJ|iO audio interface offered mobile DJs, music producers,

and computer musicians a simple way to get up and running with any DJ controller

that lacked a built-in audio interface. DJ|iO 2 is an updated and enhanced version of

DJ|iO that features new routing capabilities and the ability to record audio directly to

your computer. DJs and other performers can employ DJ|iO2 in a wide variety of

performance environments, including setups involving music-mixing software and a

hardware controller such as TOTAL CONTROL, STEALTH CONTROL, or MixMeister Control.

Other performers, including CD DJs and non-musician computer users, can appreciate

DJ|iO’s portability and small footprint.

Perform with pro-grade sound.

DJ|iO2 features high-quality, audio playback with 24-bit / 44.1 kHz resolution and an

ultra-low-latency signal path designed for real-time, pro-quality mixing. Its RCA stereo outputs

integrate with main sound systems, and an onboard 1/4” headphone output lets you cue and

output your main mix simultaneously. DJ|iO2 also has a 1/4" microphone for MCing,

performing, and singing.

Record your sets to your computer.

DJ|iO2 includes the ability to record the mix and microphone signals onto

your computer. Record sets, live shows, practices, performances, and more,

and then use your laptop for additional editing and post-production. DJ|iO2 makes

it easy to share your recorded sets with your friends and fans.

Compact and rugged enough to live in your gig bag.

DJ|iO2 comes with a compact, portable design that leaves a small footprint on the

stage or your desktop. Plus, it’s powered over USB and supports plug-and-play for

maximum portability. You can also power DJ|iO2 via wall power with a six-volt

AC adapter (sold separately).

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