Numark CDN77USB Professional Dual USB & MP3 CD Player

by Numark

All-in-one Rackmount DJ Rig!

The Numark CDN77USB gives you a perfectly portable, rackmount CD DJ solution, without limiting you ability to perform. Capable of playing CDs, MP3 CDs, or even USB flash drives, the CDN77USB is prepared for anything. You can even load up two USB flash drives at once! A large, 2-line LCD screen lets you read even long ID3 tag information, and large backlight controls make operation simple. But that's not all. The CDN77USB includes seamless looping, scratching, reverse and brake effects, and a full set of pitch controls for pro DJ performance.



Numark CDN77USB Dual USB/CD/MP3 CD Player Features at a Glance:
  • Dual rack-mount USB and CD player
  • Supports and plays CDs and MP3 CDs
  • ID3 tag and folder support for quick song location and organizing
  • Master Tempo function maintains pitch at different speeds
  • Pitch control of +/- 4, 8, 16 and 100% lets you match any song's speed to another
  • Scratch function for professional-style performance
  • Seamless looping for extending songs and creating remixes on-the-fly
  • Reverse and Brake Effects for dynamic transitions and vinyl effects
  • Auto BPM counter to quickly match songs speeds and make mixes
The Numark CDN77USB is your all-in-one DJ CD and USB drive player!

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