Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 Soundcard

by native instruments

From the Manufacturer The Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 DJ Audio Interface is the smallest USB DJ soundcard in the world, yet packs enough punch to rock the world's biggest clubs!

Two high-gain stereo outputs and an ultra-compact format provide all you need for spinning tracks from your computer, so prepare your sets and mixes on the plane or the train, and enjoy maximum flexibility when playing out. Product Description

Take the stage with Native Instruments' Traktor Audio 2 compact USB DJ audio interface! When you're ready to take your digital DJ-ing skills out to the club, you've gotta have a way to let the audience hear it. In other words, you've got to get the audio out of your computer and pumping through the PA system so you can get the crowd up and moving.

The Traktor Audio 2 is just the simple and affordable little box to get the job done for you. It connects to your computer via USB and features really high-quality 24-bit/96kHz converters, so you won't lose.

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